Enhance has developed an online application pre-appointment NHS health check questionnaire. Patients complete this prior to their blood test appointment. It enables the structuring of all their NHS health check data. 

Pre-appointment NHS Health Check

The practice has developed an online tool eR-Dermatology. This is a patient facing application, which patients complete prior to a GP or outpatient dermatology appointment. 


Our application allows patients to submit their registrations digitally, direct to the practice. At the same time, lifestyle, medication, allergies and medical condition data is collated.

Online Practice Registration- GMS1

Our application facilitates the collection of a range of long term condition data, from asthma, to hypertension. Delivery of quality frameworks, such as QOF alongside local Quality Improvement Schemes is semi-automated, creating major improvements in patient care and practice efficiency


If our patients have muscle, back or joint pain, the e-MSK application allows patients to directly submit their query to the practices physiotherapist team.


Our tool facilitates communication between care homes and practices, allowing digital requests for medications, visits, upload of care plans to the GP record etc.

e-Care Homes